Yvon Ariese

The work of Yvon Ariese looks like the work of a geologist, since she studies her materials with almost academic precision. With often earthly and fragile materials, she creates big gestures. Out of newspapers and plaster she creates monuments that are embedded in and refer to our society, but at the same time operate at an aesthetic level. As the plaster almost absorbs the newspaper, only the formal aspect of the latter one remains. Within this object-based research, Ariese plays with scale. Either a newspaper or a piece of sand can represent a cosmos. She scanned a handful of sand in movement, with a cosmological image as a result. Big and small are intermixed, and the specificities of the used materials are disguised. Ariese studies her materials as an archaeologist, to in the end manipulate them as an artist. 
Text by Sanneke Huisman